How to Buy Local Dance Shoes in Sydney, Australia While Online

Dance shoes, such as ballet slippers and jazz boots, are intended to be both functional and elegant. The right shoes help ensure that you can perform comfortably and safely. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you are getting quality shoes, even if you are on a tight budget. Flair Dancewear offers a variety of dance shoes online, featuring some of the top brands at prices that are affordable.

Tips for Selecting Dance Shoes

The difference between a good quality dance shoe and one that isn’t may not look obvious when you go to checkout, but your feet will certainly feel the difference! After an hour or two spent on stage or at the barre, your ankles will likely be screaming at you to stop if your footwear isn’t the proper fit or is shoddily made. Many bargain shoes and slippers are available from overseas vendors, but when you buy dance shoes produced in Australia, you’ll likely receive a better quality product.

Another consideration for female dancers, in particular, is heel height. While this may be dictated to some degree by both the style and level of dance you are performing, on average most women find a heel no more than 6.3 centimetres to be a comfortable heel height for dancing. As a rule, beginners should opt for footwear that offers greater support and stability and avoids slim or overly tall heels.

For parents hoping to introduce their children to the joys of dancing, having comfortable footwear couldn’t be more important. A child isn’t likely to enjoy dancing if their feet are sore or uncomfortable during dance class or afterwards. Thankfully, it is possible to purchase high-quality footwear without having to spend too much money. You just need to know where to look.

How Buying Dance Shoes from Australia Saves You Money

Flair Dancewear has dance shoes of all styles and sizes available in stock through our online store. We provide more choices and better quality than many discount dancewear stores you may have seen, making it more likely you’ll find the right shoes that both match your dance outfits and help you feel in your element while on the dance floor.

All our shoes are competitively priced with the added savings bonuses that come from shopping locally. When you buy dance shoes from our Sydney-based business, you will not have to pay for steep overseas shipping fees. With so few local dancewear resellers remaining in Australia and with most now based overseas, it pays to seek out Australian alternatives when possible so you can have more left over in your pocket once you complete your order.

Flair Dancewear makes ordering dance shoes online straightforward and convenient for you. All our shoes are in stock and ready to ship the very next day. You can save further with free shipping on all orders over $150 (excluding dance bags). If you’re dancing on a budget, Flair Dancewear offers you the most for your money and provides a hassle free online ordering experience. After ordering from us once, we’re confident you’ll never need to buy dance shoes from anyone else!