Concert Time

Author: Marina Buscaino  Date Posted:29 September 2021 

The build up to concert time is exciting and maybe a little stressful for dancers and families. Read our tips for making it fun and easy.

The words "Concert Time" can evoke such a mixture of feelings in dancers and parents alike. Term 4 means costumes, shoes, make up, perhaps extra rehearsals, remembering to buy tickets, invite family, order the DVD. The list is endless and can seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. It is an exciting time and at the end of the term, your dancer will have performed (perhaps made a mistake or forgotten to smile), but it is a huge achievement all round. 

Many kids only do recreational classes, so a concert is their once a year time to shine. It's also the once a year time for families to feel oh so proud! Watching our kids on stage makes us smile and/or brings tears to our eyes. It's a huge accomplishment for them to overcome their nerves and remember the routines.

Whether your are a seasoned Dance Mum/Dad/Grandparent/Carer or a first timer, here are our tips to making it a fun and exciting time for everyone involved.

1. Be organised with your calendar/diary. Put all relevant dates for photos, extra rehearsals, dress rehearsal and the big concert day in as soon as they are communicated to you. There's no worse feeling than missing an important date for your dancer.

2. Invite family and buy tickets.

3. Create a spreadsheet of the Dance Name, the costume, which shoes and any accessories such as hair pieces, gloves, socks etc. This makes it easy to pack everything for dress rehearsal, photos and the big day.

4. As annoying as it can be, sometimes dance shoes won't fit for the whole year. Check your dancer has all the correct dance shoes that they can perform in properly. Are they the correct colour for the costume? Do ballet shoes need ribbons?

5. Check your studio make up policy. Most studios will let you know their requirements, so be sure to have the correct colour eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. The days of bright blue or green eyeshadow are gone, but red lipstick is usually the norm. Senegence have a fabulour blu-red lipstick that will not come off on costumes and looks amazing on stage. ( Makeup is necessary under the bright lights, otherwise the kids all look pale and washed out. Sometimes the boys will be asked to just wear a light foundation.

6. Be prepared. Don't pack for concert day the night before. Make sure that all bits and pieces have returned home after the photo day and after the dress rehearsal. There is nothing worse than discovering a missing lime green sock or purple bow tie the night before. Some items may also need ironing, so double check and make sure everything is stage ready.

7. Buy a program and pack the costumes in order. Whether you use a suitcase and a hanging rack, or a duffel bag with inbuilt rack, hang the costumes in order as well. Label them too. This makes it easy for backstage helpers and the dancers themselves.

8. Always pack extra tights (holes and ladders happen), bobby pins, extra hair elastics, hairspray, safety pins (you always need them when you don't have them), brush, comb, band aids, water and non messy snacks. A box for hair accessories makes it easy to find all the bits and pieces.

9. Make sure your dancer is involved in the whole process so they know what is what. 

10. Don't stress on the day. Tempers can flare backstage; what goes on backstage stays backstage and will be forgotten in a couple of hours. 

Remember: Concert is the high light of the year. The dancers love it, so enjoy it, clap, smile and BE PROUD!!

To cap it all off, have a family movie night and watch the DVD/recording. Not all parents get to watch the live event because they are backstage and the dancers love seeing their performances. Grab the popcorn and the Maltesers and enjoy the show.

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