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Author: Marina Buscaino  Date Posted:26 April 2024 

Over the past ten years we have worked hard to develop our own brand for affordability for our customers. We also recognise the importance of having a variety of brands to offer choices, and are proud of the selection we have today.

Title: Discover the World of Dance with Flair Dancewear's Diverse Brand Selection

Marina Buscaino 26/04/2024

At Flair Dancewear, we take pride in offering a diverse range of dancewear brands, each meticulously chosen to enhance your dancing experience. Our collection encompasses renowned names in the industry alongside our very own Flair Dancewear brand, designed with style, affordability, and inclusivity for all ages in mind.

Let's delve into our selection, where each brand contributes to the richness and vibrancy of the dance community:

  1. Bloch: A cornerstone of dance innovation, Bloch's commitment to quality and precision shines through in every product, from ballet shoes to leotards. Dancers trust Bloch for its unwavering dedication to excellence.
  2. So Danca: With a focus on comfort and style, So Danca combines performance-driven design with contemporary flair. Their diverse range of products from shoes to dance wear, caters to dancers of all ages and levels, empowering them to express themselves with confidence.
  3. Studio 7 Dancewear: Celebrating individuality and creativity, Studio 7 Dancewear, a proud Australian company, offers a unique blend of fashion and functionality. From streetwear-inspired looks and class pieces to performance essentials, Studio 7 encourages dancers to embrace their personal style.
  4. Sylvia P: Infused with passion and creativity, Sylvia P's designs reflect the spirit of the modern dancer and gymnast. With an emphasis on versatility, comfort and beautiful fabrics, Sylvia P offers a range of apparel and accessories that inspire confidence and self-expression.
  5. Slick Dancewear: Fusing style and performance, Slick Dancewear embodies the dynamic energy of urban dance culture with superior dance shoes for all styles of dance. Dancers will be empowered to make a statement on and off the stage in quality shoes from an Australian company.
  6. Flair Dancewear: Created with a vision of inclusivity and affordability, Flair Dancewear offers a range of stylish and versatile options for dancers of all ages. From practice essentials and their own brand of shoes, to performance pieces, Flair Dancewear ensures that every dancer can look and feel their best without breaking the bank.


Choosing Flair Dancewear means gaining access to a world of possibilities, where quality, style, and affordability converge to inspire dancers of all ages and abilities. With our diverse brand selection, we invite you to explore the joy of dance and express yourself with flair. Join us on this journey, and let your passion take centre stage.

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