When There’s No Time for Online, Get Ballet Tights here in Sydney Australia

At last night’s dress rehearsal, your child caught their foot on a snag on the stage, slid, fell, and ripped the newly arrived ballet tights from online. The big show is in two days, and there’s no way you’ll be able to reorder the tights before. They came home last night in tears, and you’ve spent your day looking for the solution. Then, a fellow parent calls and mentions that Flair Dancewear just opened a showroom that carries ballet tights. Our Sydney showroom displays our wide selection of in-stock dance, skating, and gymnastic costumes for practice, show, and competition. Our inventory serves as a one-stop shop for dance performers young and old. We carry everything from hair accessories to shoes and all things in between including ballet tights right here in Australia.

Domestic Base for Ballet Tights for Australia

Flair Dancewear is best known for our online store of dance gear. Established out of frustration over the lack of age-appropriate dance attire available domestically and sick of paying extremely high international shipping costs, we set out four years ago to provide dance attire, such as ballet tights, to Australia. Since then, we have made it our commitment to maintain a sizable inventory of high-quality, comfortable, dance outfits and costumes available right here at our Sydney showroom awaiting shipment to dancers Australia-wide.

As you will not have time for shipping, we are open to the public by appointment. Call us to set up a time before the big show to pick up a replacement pair of ballet tights. Not near Sydney or have more time? Browse our website and stock up on necessities including ballet tights online from the comfort of your home. Receive free shipping on orders over $150 and your items in a few days as opposed to a few weeks when you shop international sources.

Pick Up Emergency Ballet Tights in Sydney

Before Flair Dancewear, you would have to source dance outfits from overseas manufacturers on a made-to-order basis. This process is long, expensive, and of inconsistent quality. Meanwhile, dance costumes, including ballet tights from online, need to be uniform to the rest of your dance group as variations in colour and quality will be noticeable. We keep an extensive inventory of practice and performance attire so that individuals and groups can select without having to wait for manufacturing and processing. Stop by our impressive showroom, and you’ll be inspired to plan your dancer’s next season of auditions and performances. Be sure to pick up an extra pair of tights to avoid this panic in the future!

Although we do emphasise our ever-changing and highly-fashionable inventory, if ever you or your group are interested in custom designs, our connections with our suppliers is strong allowing us to manufacture, ship, and process your order of high-quality garments in a fraction of the traditional processing time. Custom costumes set your dancer and their team apart and are ideal for special events and competitions. For all your dance supply needs as well as an eye-catching custom costume, look no further than the enthusiastic stylists at Flair Dancewear.