How to Choose Ballerina Shoes and Where to Buy Them Online in Sydney, Australia

Ballet shoes, also known as technique shoes, are lightweight shoes worn by ballet dancers of all ages. It’s important to wear proper ballet shoes because they maximise both performance and safety. If you’re looking for a pair of ballet shoes, consider the following.

Know What Ballet Shoes Aren’t

True ballet shoes are not the fashionable “ballet flats” worn by so many people along with regular street clothes. It’s essential that the shoes you buy for ballet are shoes specifically designed for ballet dancing.

Have a Professional Fitting

If you’re buying ballet shoes in Sydney for the first time, it’s a good idea to have a professional fitting so that you know exactly what size to buy. If you’ve owned ballet shoes before and want to try a new brand or style or if your feet have grown, it’s still helpful to be sure you know what size to buy since wearing the wrong size will affect your performance and safety. Your ballet shoes should feel snug but not tight. Walk around in the shoes and make sure your toes do not feel crushed or bent. Once you know what size to order, you may order shoes online for the greatest convenience.

Decide on Leather vs Canvas

Ballet shoes come in two materials: leather and canvas. One isn’t necessarily better than the other. Children typically wear leather shoes. Older dancers often prefer canvas because of its ability to absorb moisture and mould to the foot. Some dancers feel they can feel the floor better in canvas; others prefer leather because it offers more traction and is more durable.

Choose between Full-Sole and Split-Sole Shoes

The sole of the ballet shoe is important. It provides a layer of protective cushioning, which lowers the risk of plantar fasciitis. Split-sole shoes are the most common preference because dancers often find it easier to point their toes and arch their feet in split-sole shoes. Children, however, may find that they have better balance and stability in full-sole shoes; some adults prefer full-sole shoes as well for the same reason.

Just Dance

Once you’ve chosen a pair of ballet shoes in Australia, just dance in them to see how they feel. You should be able to rise to the balls of your feet comfortably, and pointing your toes should not cause any pinching. The shoes should never come off your feet as you move.

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