Premium Ballet Outfits Ordered Online for Sydney Australia Dance Team

As head of a travelling ballet troupe of dancers between 9-13, you refuse to have a repeat of last year. One month before your showcase, a new dancer joined your troupe. Exceptionally talented, you recorded her measurements and ordered her ballet outfits online for the recital circuit. Two of them arrived three days before the recital unusable due to poor colour matching and incorrect sizing; the other costume never came at all. The young ballerina was mortified to dance in her practice attire, and your organisation got a tongue lashing from the parents. For this season, you need a source for ballet outfits in Australia that is high-quality, reliable, and keeps an extensive stock of costumes on hand. Flair Dancewear, known for our online store, just opened a showroom featuring ballet outfits in Sydney.

Avoid the Headache, Save the Shipping, Buy Flair Dancewear

One of the most frustrating things about working with dancers is finding costuming that is comfortable, well-made, age-appropriate, and already in Australia. In the case of last year’s showcase, the dye used on the other costumes had been discarded. When you needed an additional costume for the late dancer, the company did their best to match colours but were unsuccessful. Most dancewear manufacturers are overseas, and ship made-to-order goods or in small batches of ballet outfits bought online. By the time ballet outfits get to Australia, their cost is very high, and the quality is not guaranteed. We wanted to give parents and dance groups an opportunity to source cute, premium-quality dance wear and dance accessories here at home. When you purchase from our stock of ballet outfits online, you save on international shipping costs because you are selecting from an extensive and continually expanding domestic stock. When you have a new dancer or a costume is damaged, you save time by shopping domestically instead of waiting for international channels to align. Make an appointment to tour our showroom of ballet outfits in Sydney and create a vision for your entire upcoming show.

Made-To-Order Option Ships Ballet Outfits to Sydney

Flair Dancewear is paired with international manufacturers to facilitate made-to-order ballet outfits for Australia’s dancers of all ages and sizes. We would suggest that you select from our stock of standard costumes so that late additions don’t threaten the cohesiveness of your entire troupe. Still, we are happy to assist you with special orders. Special orders placed with us go to our Sydney showroom, then we ship the costume directly to you at domestic rates. While special orders can typically take two months, we strive to deliver costumes between 4-6 weeks after ordering. A browse of our online store shows that we carry a vast range of tights, practice attire, bags, hair accessories, and shoes for dancers of all disciplines, ice skaters, and gymnasts. Our comprehensive approach to dance and athletic dance gear has established us as the single-source for all dance attire needs.