The Importance of Proper Dance Attire and Where to Find Ballet Leotards Online in Sydney, Australia

Now that you have signed your child up for dance classes, it’s time for them to dress the part. Some dance classes in Australia allow freedom of choice when it comes to dancewear, but most schools have specific dress requirements in place for all students. Be sure to check with your child’s instructor before the first class, so you’ll know what to buy. In general, dancewear should be lightweight, breathable, and stretchy to allow for maximum comfort and range of motion. However, the specific clothing required varies a bit with different styles of dance.


Most ballet classes will require students to wear ballet shoes, tights, and leotards. Ballet leotards in Australia may have short or long sleeves and come in a range of colours, although pink and black are the most common. Ballet attire should fit properly, which means snug but not overly tight. This is so that the teacher can see what the students’ bodies are doing, as ballet is based on precise movements and positions, and these are difficult to see in loose or bulky clothing.


Jazz often allows students more freedom as far as clothing styles and colours. Essentials for jazz often include leotards and tights or jazz pants with form-fitting tops along with soft, comfortable leather dance shoes. Jazz pants are typically black, fitted at the tops, and flared slightly at the bottom.

Modern and Hip-Hop

Dancewear for other forms of dance are not necessarily traditional in style but are still made of breathable and comfortable materials. Modern or lyrical dancewear usually includes leotards or fitted tops with stretchy pants or footless tights. Hip-hop students are often allowed to wear looser-fitting clothing. Modern dance students might wear foot thongs; hip-hop students often wear sneakers.

Dance Bag and Accessories

A dance bag is a practical item to have no matter what style of dance you are practising. A bag can keep your supplies organised and add an element of fun and personal expression to your dancing experience. Dance bags can be embellished with charms, the dancer’s name, the name of the studio, and so on. It also gives you a convenient way to carry your keys, hair accessories, jewellery, and anything else you need to store and tote along with you safely.

Where to Buy Ballet Leotards in Australia

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