Preparing Your Child for Their First Ballet Class and Where to Find Ballet Dresses Online in Sydney,

You’ve signed your child up for those ballet classes they’ve wanted for so long, and now you’re faced with the task of preparing them for their lessons. You’ll need to know what supplies your child needs for the class as well as how to prepare them mentally for their upcoming adventure in dance. Keep these tips in mind as you both get ready for that exciting first class.

Have the Right Supplies

Your child’s teacher has probably communicated what your child should wear to class, but in general, most schools in Australia have a few things in common. At a minimum, your child will need quality ballet shoes, which are usually made of leather and have an elastic strap you can sew onto either side to hold the shoes securely on their feet. Most ballet students wear leotards and tights to class, as these fitted items make it easy for the teacher to see their positioning and posture. Some schools do require leotards and tights in specific colours, so check with yours to make sure you buy the right attire.

Besides clothing, your child will need a few other things for ballet class. If it’s cold, they will need a sweater to wear over their leotard. Water and a snack for after class will be handy as well. Avoid bringing toys or comfort objects to dance classes if possible, as these items may be distracting to other students. You may want to purchase a dance bag to carry these items in as well as anything else you need, such as extra hair accessories.

Prepare Your Child Emotionally

No one knows your child better than you. Therefore, you can probably tell if they are nervous or not as the first day of class approaches. Some kids are fine in any situation and will run right into a class without so much as a glance back at their parents; others will need to take their time and check things out before jumping in. Either way, it’s always wise to avoid mentioning negative emotions before class. Focus on the positive aspects of ballet class, such as how much fun it will be and everything your child will learn about being a ballerina. Also, plan extra time to get to class a few minutes early; many children will be hesitant about joining a class that has already begun.

Where to Buy Ballet Dresses in Sydney

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