What You’ll Need for Ballet and Where to Buy Ballet Costumes Online or in Sydney, Australia

Just like academic classes, ballet classes often require students to bring a set of supplies including proper attire and accessories. Different schools have different requirements, but in general, there are some things that most every ballet student will need for class. If you or your child is beginning ballet classes, look below at the list of essential supplies and show up for class prepared.

Ballet Attire

It’s important that ballet students wear the proper attire. Most schools require students to dress properly so that it’s easy for the teacher to ensure that students are using the proper form, body position, and execution of movements. Ballet is all about the details, and proper ballet attire is one of those details. Ballet attire includes:

Ballet Accessories

Once you have your ballet attire, you’ll also need a few accessories to complete your supply list. Warmups are clothing such as leg warmers, sweat pants, and body wraps you can wear while you stretch and get ready for class. These items help you warm up more quickly, especially if the studio is a bit chilly. You’ll want to purchase a dance bag to carry your extra shoes, tights, leotards, and anything else you need for class. Finally, female students are usually required to wear their hair up in a “ballet bun.” For this, you’ll need plenty of hair accessories such as elastics, hair nets, and bobby pins.

Where to Buy Ballet Costumes Online

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